Matthew Larsen

Lecturer in the Council of Humanities and Religion
Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow in the Society of Fellows
2018-2021 Cohort

Matthew is a cultural historian whose work focuses on the lived experiences of Jewish and Christian communities in classical and late antiquity. Matthew came to Princeton from a teaching position at Yale University, where he also received his Ph.D. in Religious Studies in May 2017. He is the author of the book, "Gospels before the Book" (Oxford University Press, 2018), and his work has also been published in the Journal for the Study of Judaism, the Journal for the Study of the New Testament, the Journal of Early Christian Studies (forthcoming), Studies in Late Antiquity: A Journal (forthcoming), and various other venues. His research and teaching interests include ancient writing and reading cultures, carceral studies, ancient medicine, material culture, and approaching religions as constellations of embodied practices. He is currently working on writing a cultural history of early Christians and incarceration.

Fall 2018 Course: HUM 216 & HUM 217 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Western Culture I: Literature and the Arts

Spring 2019 Course: REL 251 / HLS 251 / MED 251 Christianity in the Roman Empire: Secret Rituals, Mystery Cults, and Apocalyptic Prophets