The Queer Amazon

May 11, 2019
Joseph Henry House
By invitation only


Event Description

Organized by Justin Perez, Fund for Reunion-Cotsen Fellow in LGBT Studies and Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology and Humanities Council. The workshop will engage chapters from the manuscript Queer Amazonia: Discrimination and the Transactional Politics of HIV Prevention in Peru. Based on ethnographic fieldwork in Peru, Queer Amazonia examines the social and political transformations brought about by HIV prevention interventions among gay and transgender communities. Invited readers include Ulla Berg (Rutgers University), Carina Heckert (University of Texas at El Paso), Paul Amar (University of California, Santa Barbara), João Biehl (Princeton University), and Amy Krauss (Princeton University). Sponsored by the Society of Fellows, Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies, Program in Latin American Studies, LGBT Center, and the Department of Anthropology.